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Airkraft - a unique manufactory

Founded in 1979 in Krefeld, Germany, the company designs, develops and produces as a successful company pneumatic constructions. Game, fun and innovation, that is the philosophy of the company since then.

At the beginning, developed air mats and toys were successfully used in the field of disability therapy. Collected experiences in this area led to the expansion of the objects, which were later used in the water and became innovative play objects.

This opened up a whole new market.

The water trampioline, obstacle trail or the free-floating, swimming slide, for these and many other objects of action on the water, Airkraft is a pioneer. New standards of technical execution and quality requirements have been set.

By constantly developing the product range, the company nowadays offers a variety of objects. There are lots of things to discover, such as air pillows, jumping hills, swimming pools, giant water figures, or even an inflatable orca. Children and families enjoy swimming pools, fun and family parks, and many performances and upright attractions.

The second focus is set on technical solutions by using inflatable constructions. Through the ideas and wishes of customers, many unique custom-made products are still being developed that support and improve work processes and safety.

The longevity of all the best produced articles is guaranteed by material thats specially made for Airkraft and high quality workmanship.


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