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All Airkraft toys are made of double-coated PCV textile.

In order to produce its toys and also the technical solutions, Airkraft uses a textile specially manufactured for the company with double-sided PVC coated fabric in accordance with the German industry standard, TÜV certified. The material is also adjusted to the current Reach Verodnungen, which have been issued, to improve the protection of human health and the environment from the risks that chemicals can cause.

For the special production of the PVC sheathed base textile, Airkraft works closely with a company also located in Krefeld.

In the course of this cooperation many colors were newly developed and mixed especially for Airkraft.

A special feature of the material is the extremely high adhesion of the PVC to the carrier fabric, which guarantees a very high load-bearing capacity as well as low wear on the products. 

Bonding, sewing, welding - the coated PVC film produced for Airkraft is outstandingly suitable for these processing methods.

The inflatable toys from Airkraft offer "Made in Germany" the highest quality.